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羽毛球发球规则图解:2017 new aero road handlebar

Release date: 2016-11-19 Browsing number:

羽毛球规则视频教程 www.jkovt.com When the aerodynamic time comes, Hongfu starts to design a new AERO road handlebar, to meet the customers who like our FM169 frame but with no AERO handlebars to match,please focus on our official website,pay attention to our news updates!!

 The New Aero Road handlebar we us new technology for wax, the inside is smooth and the handlebar is monocoque layer-up. is different some bonding handlebar. and the stiffeess is very good.

we will continuous renewal show our frist handlebar production, Please pay your attention:

1, layer-up finish


2. the frist one Moulding finish. 





 3. RAW finish product.